Procedures and Therapies

Dr. Mallat has developed a regional reputation for his experience in treating complex pancreatic and biliary diseases. Utilizing the latest techniques available in "interventional gastroenterology", Dr. Mallat manipulates the gastrointestinal tract with fine instruments that are introduced through the endoscope. For example in a patient with blockage of the bile duct, an interventional gastroenterologist endoscopically places a small tube called a stent into the bile duct to relieve the obstruction.

A number of interventional endoscopic procedures are now available for complicated pancreatic and biliary disease. As an interventional gastroenterologist, Dr. Mallat collaborates closely with surgeons and other specialists to provide PREMIER care to his patients.

Dr. Mallat uniquely offers a wide variety of minimally invasive, therapeutic techniques delivered by endoscopy. These therapies are used to successfully identify and manage complex gastrointestinal conditions that other gastroenterologists have failed to diagnose or treat.
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Dr. Mallat recently participated in a multi-center study on the efficacy of cryotherapy for treating a pre-cancerous condition of the esophagus (known as Barrett's esophagus). Cryotherapy is the application of a freezing mist...
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