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For years doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. I had multiple tests and no one could find a problem and then a gastrointestinal doctor sent me to Dr. Mallat. He did an endoscopic ultrasound and found that I had pancreas divisum. I had years of stents , per my choice, and Dr.Mallat always respected my decisions. After many, many stents my body made the decision that it was time for a bigger surgery. He was always kind, respectful, and the most knowledgeable doctor I knew in this field and I am in healthcare. He is the reason I live today. I am now almost 3 years post op from a total pancreatectomy , thank you Dr.Levy and Dr.Mallat, and alive and doing well. He is the best in the business and the best ever in my book. From a nurse of 17 years, thank you Dr.Mallat. My children and grandchildren thank you also.

-Rebecca LeBlanc
 Athens, Texas

In 2008, after a routine Endoscopy with a local Gastroenterologist, I was diagnosed with severe Barrett's Esophagus and was referred to a Surgeon. The surgeon informed me that the standard of care is removal of the esophagus and gave me vivid details of what I could expect. I decided that I would not agree to surgical removal and that I would research alternative treatment methods. I was informed, that the tissue biopsies were pre-cancerous and my only option was surgery and again, I chose not to elect surgery.

One of our Church members who was in prayer for me and others, found a website that described a new, experimental procedure using Cryo Ablation therapy to eliminate the damaged, pre-cancerous tissue lining of the esophagus and regenerate healthy tissue. At the time in the DFW area participating in preliminary testing of this procedure, one at Southwest Medical and Dr.Damien Mallat at Baylor, Dallas.

After reviewing the preliminary test cases on-line, I felt Dr.Mallat's patients were closer to my diagnosis I made a consultation appointment and my wife an I met with Dr. Mallat to discuss whether I would be a candidate for the Cryo Abaltion. He was very thorough in his explanation of the process and gave me his honest assessment. Hew was frank and open about expectations but felt I was a solid candidate.

He initially felt it would take 4 to 6 treatments. I have actually had 12 and it appears that my tissue is restored and healthy. Throughtout these treatments Dr.Mallat was open and thorough, detailing the results of each and felt that, although it took longer, because I had what he termed a "long segment, with high grade dysplasia", Cryo Ablation provided the best potential for a full reversal.

I have another consult with Dr.Mallat to discuss the results of my most recent Endoscopy and I am hopeful my treatments will be complete. I would recommend Dr. Mallat highly for his honesty, skills and knowledge of his profession, and his involvement in successfully testing the Cryo Ablation process for Barrett's Esophagus. Because of a family history of Colon Cancer and other cancers, I plan to continue scheduling regular Colonoscopies and Endoscopies with Dr.Mallat, because I trust his honesty and overall concern for my health.

-James Carr
 Athens, Texas

In November of 2012, I had gastric bypass surgery and within about three and a half weeks I became very weak. By the end of another two weeks I had lost my appetite completely. Dr. Damien Mallat, practicing Gastroenterology Interventional Endoscopy. Dr. Mallat did a scope on me and found a large bleeding ulcer. I discovered immediately that Dr. Mallat is a very meticulous doctor who looks at every angle necessary to discover the problem. I also discovered that when he finds the problem, he implements a plan of action to treat it immediately. It became evident to me that he truly cares about his patients' well being. He was honest with me and straight to the point about how sick I really was. He told me he was treating my ulcer aggressively and he never failed to follow up on my progress. I truly believe because of his expertise, immediate attention and aggressive behavior towards my treatment, that he saved my life. The genuine concern he feels for his patients just puts the icing on the cake! Thank you Dr. Mallat.

-Barbara Neff
 Athens, Texas

In late 2005, I was admitted to an east Texas hospital for testing to find out why I turned jaundice. The hospital took me into surgery and put a stent into my bile duct. I laid in the hospital bed for a week getting very sick, weak and in a lot of pain. Then, I was transferred to Dr. Mallatís care. Dr. Mallat took me into surgery and found that my liver had been punctured. I had bile leaking throughout my body. I was in the hospital for a month. It has been several years and I continue to drive to Dallas to see Dr. Mallat for my care. My thanks to him for his knowledge and care that saved my life! He is the only one I trust!

-Pam McCartney
 Mineola, Texas

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