Referring Doctors

I am very appreciative of your referral. I will dedicate my decade-long experience to address your patientsí needs. I routinely see a large spectrum of gastrointestinal issues from screening colonoscopies to complex pancreas and biliary diseases.

My staff is eager to help your patients. We strive to see your patients within 1-3 days from the referral. You can be assured that your patients will be given the most state-of-the-art treatment options and handled with expert care. In addition to the detailed and up-to-date material on our web site regarding gastrointestinal diseases and endoscopic therapies, I will thoroughly answer questions to your patientsí satisfaction and provide FAQ material at the appointment. Finally, my staff routinely calls patients post-op to assess how they are doing as well as provide them with a detailed letter explaining their condition.

Our office respects your relationship with your patients. I work very closely with referring doctors to keep you apprised of the patientsí initial appointments, follow-up visits, procedure reports as well as pathology and ancillary services. I look forward to your input to help us continually improve our service.

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